the Captain’s Table

Ahoy! and Welcome to The Captain’s Table!
You can now join the esteemed ranks of Jack Sparrow, Tinker Belle, Tintin and many more famous folks.

Your Treasure Chest will include:

30 one-hour vouchers at the Playdecks + 5 buddy play (1 + 1 free) vouchers. That’s 35 hours of fun!

One 1- lb birthday cake during your birthday week! (Conditions apply)*

The best part (shhhh…..its a secret)…no more parking worries, all you now have to do is call our team before you arrive! (Conditions apply)*

Your card is your key. Use it wisely, be good, be happy and you can ride the magic carpet (priority) access into your favourite Playdeck.

The Wishing Wall: Because you are now at The Captain’s Table, you have access to treasure! Collect treasure coins every time you play. Don’t forget to deposit them into your own personalised jar vault at The Wishing Wall. Your treasure can redeemed for lots of fun gifts as you collect 10, 20, 50, 100 coins. The more you collect, the more fun you can have!

Discount Vouchers from places that you and your folks are going to love to visit!

One year validity

(But fear not, all you need to do is find a mermaid at Kids Ahoy! and say the magic word ”renew”!)

Rs. 5000 = 30 hours (1 child & 1 adult) + 5 hours Buddy Play (Play for 2, Pay for 1) + Offers
[savings = Over 4000/- rupees of savings!]

Rs. 2500 = 15 hours ( 1 child & 1 adult)
[savings = Over 1200/- rupees of savings!]

If you ever need to pass on some secret information or just get in touch, call us on 7722003090 or mail us at