Our Playdecks are clean, safe and most importantly fun! We have created soft play zones for children from the age group 6 months to 10 years. We have ensured that children have a protected environment where they can unleash the little explorer in them. Love, laugh, learn, our philosophy, rings throughout our centre.

Rug Rats Playdeck

For our young explorers, ages 2 year to 10 years we have an island of fun! Follow the map and reach the treasure. An island filled with slides and ball pools, swings and obstacles, bridges and valleys and lots more. Our soft play area will ensure that children have fun while learning important lessons. The course will physically challenge them as they swing, slide and jump across the entire space. Meeting other children will help them socially and emotionally. Discovering routes, following our unique treasure map and navigating through obstacles will help them intellectually. All in an all, a great all round activity for any day!

Tots Playdeck

For our tiny explorers, age 6 months to 2.5 years; we have created a special area where they can play with children from the same age group. With different avenues to hone fine and gross motor skills, build social skills and also exert energy, this is the perfect place for toddlers. Toddlers must be accompanied by an adult at all given times in the Tots Playdeck.

Socks are compulsory for adults and children in both the Playdecks.

Pool Deck

A clean, well maintained, outdoor pool. Besides swimming classes held by the activity club, parents are welcome to come practice with their child or just swim for recreation.

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

The 20 foot rock climbing wall has Pune's first auto belay system for ages 6-60years along with a special 8 foot wall for the younger children. Open from 10am-10pm all days of the week @ E-square,Level 1.

Recreational Archery

A Recreational archery range run and managed by ISR for ages 6-60years or more :). Open from 10am-10pm all days of the week @ E-square,Level 2.